The customer is always right

When we were first told about this integration application that we were going to be creating, the first thing that came to our minds was Web Services. It’s the logical thing to do. We decided that the best option would be Mule ESB, and began to research it. Ideal solution, it’s going to make life easy.

But this was not to be. Imagine our surprise when our analyst told us that the integration mechanism was going to be. . .here it comes. . .Spring Batch. “Spring Batch?!” we said. “But Spring Batch is a framework for bulk processing of data, not integration!” We begged, pleaded, appealed, threw a tantrum, but no one would listen. That’s what they wanted, and that’s what they were sticking to. The customer is always right!

So that’s where we are now. Integrating two apps using a batch framework. It’s like using a screwdriver to knock a nail in!